starting a delta type 3d printer

I’ve ordered a 3d printer (here) and I’ve decided I’m going to use it to bootstrap the build of a Delta style printer that can do larger jobs, over 8 cubic feet.

I’ve already ordered “The Kraken” (here) a multi-hot-end extruder kit that lets you print four materials in one print job.

I’m thinking of doing something similar to the 3DR here) but with a print area big enough to do a volume of 8 cubic feet.

  • Kraken hot end (ordered)
  • Aluminium square tubing for frame (RONA)
  • Bearings (Princess Auto)
  • Fasteners with metric threads (RONA)
  • Threaded rod (RONA)
  • Motor controller board (TBD)
  • Brackets (from my own 3d printer!)

I’m starting on the design now. Even more work to do now.

Storage Pod for 2.5" disks

I’m a bit of a storage enthusiast and I’ve been trying to find a reasonable cheap way of bulk loading 2.5″ disks. I’ve been decided to make a SAS disk tray for 2.5″ disks with vertical disks, along the line of the Backblaze storage pod (here)

I stumbled across some reasonably cheap 2.5″, 24 port backplanes with integrated port multipliers (Supermicro BPN-SAS-216EL1 here) and since they were going for less than $200/ea I got 4 of them.

Basic plan:

  • Chassis from Protocase compatible with HP rail kits
  • HP rail kit
  • four or five 24 disk backplanes
  • 3x 3-pin chassis fans per backplane
  • Redundant power supply
  • some form of power management board for managing the power supply
  • out of band integration with the SAS expanders on the backplanes
  • SFF-8087 to SFF-8088 adaptor plate
  • some custom wiring to provide enough 4-pin molex plugs to the backplanes (most P/S don’t have enough)
  • 3d printed drive sleds for disks
  • 3d printed slots for disks
  • 3d printed brackets for fans

Sooo… lots of work to do.